(A) The minimum skydiving age is 12-years, with parental consent required if you're under 18-years of age. We will take passengers aged 12 and above, as long as you are confident and don't have any medical concerns. If you are unsure, please discuss with your doctor.
(A) If you regularly dislocate your shoulder, have back or neck injuries, epilepsy, or a heart condition, then maybe skydiving is not for you.
(A) You must wait at least 12 hours after completing a scuba dive before flying. However, you can always skydive first and then scuba dive.
(A) The max weight for most companies is 95kg. However, some companies will take up to 105kg but they may charge a weight surcharge so always check when you are booking.
(A) We offer a courtesy pick-up and drop-off service from your accommodation in Airlie Beach, Shute Harbour and Cannonvale. This includes meeting you at the ferry terminal if you're coming over from Hamilton, Hayman, or any other of the Whitsunday Islands. Spectators are also welcome, but please let us know if it is a large group, as we have limited seating on the bus. We prefer you to make your own way to the meeting point if you do have a vehicle, as this will free you up to leave once you finish your skydive rather than waiting for the next bus departure.
(A) Skydiving is well regulated and all businesses have similar standards, however company policies may be different so it pays to know who you are booking with, and what their policies are. Where you want to jump, and what you want to pay, also dictates who you are best to jump with. Every business is governed under the rules of the Australian Parachute Federation under the Civil Aviation Authority of Australia, so you will be in safe hands regardless of who you skydive with.

(A) Yes - depending on the height you choose and the weather conditions. The Great Barrier Reef is actually 51 nautical miles out from the mainland, so it is only just visible in the best conditions. Even in good conditions, you will only just see it from afar, so you are best to take a flight over the reef to actually see it clearly, and this is the only way to see Heart Reef.

Whitehaven Beach is visible from about 10,000 feet, depending on cloud coverage, but you will see all of the surrounding Whitsunday Islands, as we as the spectacular Shute Harbour, and all the fringing reef systems around these amazing islands.

Getting you to your choosen height can take up to 20 minutes, so there is the added bonus of amazing views on the way!

(A) Very rarely - booking your jump is the hardest part and once you come out and meet the crew we will have a training session to explain whats involved. Then all you have to do is have fun! You're ready. If you can fly in a plane, you can jump out of one.
(A) All instructors are accredited through the Australian Parachute Federation and have to have a minimum number of years and jump experience before they can become instructors. All companies need experienced instructors due to the landing areas we use, so rest assured you will be in the hands of a skydiving expert.
(A) Weather permitting - yes. Very strong winds, total cloud cover or rain are the only things that will stop us taking the plane up. If we cancel your jump because of the weather, you will receive a full refund, (Airlie Beach Skydivers and Beyond will not refund without departure from the country details, so check when booking) we will try to work around your travel plans and make it a top priority to ensure you get the opportunity to jump somewhere in Australia, if you can't jump at your choosen location.
(A) Freefall speed is up to 220 kph. This is controlled on the tandem by the use of the "drogue" that trails behind us in freefall to compensate for the weight of the second person.
(A) Comfortable pants or shorts, as we provide jump pants to go over the top. Enclosed shoes such as joggers or runners, and a t-shirt with no collar.
(A) We can fit up to 2 tandems in the plane at once. So groups will often be broken up into 1 or 2 loads alternately. It is also great to be on the ground to take photos and experience the excitement when your friends land.

(A) Different companies have their own techniques for taking their video footage. Most tandem instructors use what we call hand cam GoPros and can produce a high quality DVD within 15 minutes of landing. Others will put your video on Youtube and send you the link. DVD's can also be supplied on USB. Our DVD's are a high resolution and professionally edited.

The advantage of investing in a skydive video is you will relive the experience every time you watch it, and you can also forward the video to your friends and family. It is a unique experience and something you may never have an opportunity to do again. Our skydive video packages are very affordable, and if you don't like the video, you will receive a full refund.

(A) Roughly 2 to 2.5 hours in total. This includes editing and burning your digital products also. Factors which may influence this include weather and other aircraft in the area which can delay our jump runs. If you book an island jump then this could be an all day experience depending on the return transfer options you choose, so price and times will need to be designed especially for your wishes.
(A) Yes. The only thing that stops you from breathing is if you already have a lung full of air. A healthy scream when you exit the plane will push all of the air from your lungs & then you can breathe away. There is absolutely no reason why you would have trouble breathing, although it's not uncommon for people to hold their breath without realising it, hence the feeling of difficulty breathing. We encourage screaming, it's part of the ride...
(A) No - this is an illusion in actual fact you are simply slowing down from 220 kph as the tandem parachute begins to open.

(A) These are approximately:

8,000 ft 20 seconds of freefall

10,000 ft 35 seconds of freefall

12,000 ft 45 seconds of freefall

14,000 ft 55 seconds of freefall

(A) If you generally have trouble clearing your ears when you fly you may have problems if you choose to go over 10,000ft. It is recommended trying to clear your ears by holding your nose and breathing out once the parachute opens which will be around 4,000ft. Otherwise your ears can get very sore when you land. There is nothing you can do about this and they will clear eventually. If you are worried then do not choose the 14,000ft options. If you have sinus problems or a cold, do not book to 14,000ft.
(A) Can you fly in an aircraft? If the answer is yes, then you can do a skydive. It is not like standing on the edge of a building and looking down. It is like looking out of a window of an aircraft. You are so high up that you are not scared. You do not look down when you leave, the ground does not get any closer and you have no sensation of falling. It is exhilarating. Not something everyone can do but definitely something everyone can do at least once.
(A) It is difficult to describe the level of euphoria you experience skydiving. You just need to open up your mindset, trust the experts and make a commitment.
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