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(Q) Are there any age restrictions?
(A) The minimum skydiving age is 12-years, with parental consent required if you're under 18-years of age. We will take passengers aged 12 and above, as long as you are confident and don't have any medical concerns. If you are unsure, please discuss with your doctor.
(Q) What medical concerns affect whether or not I can jump?
(Q) Can I scuba dive and then fly or skydive soon after?
(Q) Is there a maximum weight you can take skydiving?
(Q) Can we be picked up from our accommodation for skydiving?
(Q) Which company should I book with?
(Q) Can we see the Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef when skydiving?
(Q) Do you have skydivers who reach the right altitude to dive, but get scared and can't go through with it?
(Q) How experienced are the instructors?
(Q) Do you jump every day?
(Q) How fast do you fall?
(Q) What should you wear to jump?
(Q) Can you jump with your friends?
(Q) What do you get in the DVD/photo package?
(Q) How long does the whole process take?
(Q) Can you breathe in freefall?
(Q) Do you go back up when the parachute opens?
(Q) What are the seconds between different heights?
(Q) Is it hard to clear your ears like diving?
(Q) What do I do if I am scared of heights?
(Q) What does it feel like?
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